Video conversations that bring your world together.

At Locus, we find existing audio and video conferencing solutions still offer an inferior experience to in-person conversation. Our goal is to bring the in-person experience online by recreating a sense of consistent shared space. We've started by introducing shared rooms, with a familiar layout and positioned audio. Hear your friends talking from where they are sitting.

Positioned audio enables the "cocktail party effect." Our brains are adept at focusing on a single sound amongst a backdrop of noise, when the sound originates at a distinct location. Locus audio positioning technology is patent pending.

This is only the beginning. Our mission is to continue enhancing the experience to bring realism back to online conversation. Whether hanging out with friends, conducting business meetings, or connecting with family, Locus wants to bring your world together.

Also, see our Medium post: "It's 2016, why is video conferencing still terrible."


Chris Ward

Prior to Locus, Chris was a Principal System Architect at ASML, leading a team designing ultra-high precision scanning stages for semiconductor lithography. While at ASML, Chris spent absurd amounts of time in meetings, where he learned the joys of group audio conferencing. Prior to ASML, Chris attended MIT and UC Berkeley where he earned master's and bachelor's degrees in mechanical engineering with an emphasis on mechatronics.

J.D. Zamfirescu

J.D. is an MIT-trained engineer turned technologist and educator who experiments with software and hardware. He previously founded and served as CTO for EtherPad, which was acquired by Google in 2009. While working in three different remote offices at Google over the course of as many years, J.D. too learned the joys of group audio conferencing.

J.D. teaches programming and electronics to designers and artists at California College of the Arts, and runs Workshop Weekend, an award-winning Oakland-based educational program for kids and adults alike. J.D. holds bachelor's and master's degrees in computer science and engineering from MIT.


Music & Sounds

Chords For David by Pitx (c) 2011 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. Ft: jlbrock

Card Flip Sound (modified): Original by f4ngy on FreeSound


Camera Icon: BenPixels from the Noun Project

Mic Icon: UseIconic.com from the Noun Project

Speaker Icon: Edward Boatman from the Noun Project

Scene Icon: creative outlet from the Noun Project

Demo Icon: Creative Stall from the Noun Project

Cursor Icon: Hello Many from the Noun Project

Happy Icon: Creative Stall from the Noun Project

Forward email Icon: Douglas Santos from the Noun Project

Chat Icon: Karthik Aathis from the Noun Project

Monitor Icon: Lorena Salagre from the Noun Project

Pin Icon: Alexandr Cherkinsky from the Noun Project

Buffering Horse Gif: J-E Nyström



Audio, video, and screen captures shared on Locus are transmitted directly to participants in a room. In some cases due to network restrictions, data is relayed through our server. In no case is shared audio, video, or screen capture data retained by Locus.