Video Conversations
that Just Work

Conversations not conferences

Meet and talk more naturally in Locus shared spaces. Hear your friends from where they are sitting with crystal clear positioned audio.

Locus strives to make remote meetings as interactive, comfortable, and productive as in-person... without the commute. Video conferencing you can enjoy.

Room Room

It’s simple to use Locus

It’s free. No login. Nothing to download.

All you need is Chrome or Firefox on Windows, Mac, or Android (iOS app coming soon).

  1. Grab a room.  Just click the button. Or create your own name by typing into your browser (ex.

  2. Share the room link with your world via e-mail, SMS, chat, etc. Anyone you share the URL with can meet in your room.

  3. Enjoy the conversation!

Try the demo

Join a room and click the demo button to watch a conversation and explore some of Locus’ features.

Or watch the demo here.


Choose your environment

Media selection

Hassle free setup

Share video or audio-only. We verify your mic, speaker, and camera are working before you join the call.

No more “can you hear me?”

Share media

Share your screen and video at the same time

Click the screen share button and share your whole screen, or just a single window. (Single window sharing not yet supported in Firefox).

Watch YouTube videos synchronized together

Click the YouTube button and paste the url of the video you want to share.

More sharing coming soon.

Screen sharing Watch Youtube
Peer to peer

Security and connectivity come first

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